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Interesting proposals for design lovers: furniture and home accessories chosen from our Italian and international brands.

Storage wardrobe outlet


Storage Wardrobe

The Storage wardrobe is able to contain and show the objects stored inside, transforming itself from a wardrobe to a walk-in closet.

price € 10.185,00price list € 13.580,00
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Amalfi sofa outlet

Fox Italia

Amalfi Sofa

Three-seater sofa with structure in wood and light derivatives with elastic belt suspension and polyurethane foam padding.

price € 4.423,00 price list € 5.897,00
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Opera pergola outlet


Opera Pergola

An innovative structure able to enhance the outdoor spaces as the internal ones, eliminating the differences between what is outside and what is inside.

price € 15.400,00price list € 28.000,00
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Ubik walk in closet outlet


Ubik Walk-In Closet

The Ubik walk-in closet offers an advanced organization of the order, with a series of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions

price € 16.350,00price list € 24.890,00
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Quid boiserie outlet


Quid Boiserie

Quid is a versatile modular system, which allows the configuration of furnishing solutions for various rooms of the house.

price € 2.380,00price list € 3.400,00
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Turner bookcase outlet

Poltrona Frau

Turner Bookcase

The Turner turning bookcase is inspired by the classic English center-room bookcases, intended for the "books of the heart" to always keep at hand.

price € 4.800,00price list € 7.808,00
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Hera armchair outlet


Hera Armchair

The Hera armchair expresses the synthesis between ergonomics and elegance, designed for both domestic use and hospitality contexts.

price € 1.720,00price list € 2.300,00
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Helsinki 30 table outlet


Helsinki 30 Table

Formal rigor, technological research, impeccable execution; design finds an exemplary case in the Helsinki 30 collection.

price € 1.608,00price list € 2.145,00
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Pouf Frank outlet

B&B Italia

Frank Pouf

The Frank pouf is characterized by a high round cushions and can be used both as an additional seat or as a decorative element.

price € 690,00 cad.price list € 990,00 cad.
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Eros armchair outlet


Eros Armchair

Eros is an enveloping armchair, with an organic egg shape, characterized by a refined combination of finishes and a skilful use of color.

price € 340,00 price list € 485,00
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Telerò kitchen outlet


Telero Kitchen

Telero by Euromobil is an elegant and functional kitchen, whose focus is based on the research of innovative materials and material solutions.

price € 10.340,00price list € 20.680,00
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P/wood chair outlet


P/Wood Chair

P/Wood is the chair of the Smart Wood collection which, thanks to its simple and rounded lines, fits into any environment.

price € 315,00 cad.price list € 420,00 cad.
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Church bench outlet


Church Bench

The Church upholstered bench is characterized by simple and essential lines and can be easily inserted in different rooms of the house.

price € 535,00price list € 1.070,00
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Sakti coat hanger outlet


Sakti Coat Hanger

The Sakti coat hanger is composed of three elements with functional recesses that are expertly joined through fittings that allow the hooking of hangers.

price € 428,00price list € 659,00
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Pouf Smile outlet

Paola Lenti

Smile Pouf

In addition to being a seat or a support, the Smile pouf is also a container and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

price € 1.335,00price list € 2.225,00
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Flip coffee table outlet

Paola Lenti

Flip Coffee Table

Flip is a coffee table with a modern and functional design, the removable top can be used as a tray and the base can be used as a coffee table even without the wooden top.

price € 1.402,00price list € 2.336,00
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Ray rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ray Rug

Ray is a rug for indoors and outdoors, with plaits in Rope yarn, an exclusive Paola Lenti material, in solid color.

price € 567,00price list € 945,00
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Ida rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ida Rug

Ida is a modular rug for exteriors and interiors made from the union of strips 100 cm wide each, woven on a loom in Twiggy yarn.

price € 969,00price list € 1.615,00
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Lido chair outlet

Paola Lenti

Lido Chair

The panels that make up the Lido chair are made of Diade coupling with Twiggy, a technical yarn for the outdoors designed and produced exclusively for Paola Lenti.

price € 849,00price list € 1.415,00
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Ics stool outlet


Ics Stool

Ics is a stool with simple shapes, its soft and rounded lines are enhanced by the materials used.

price € 438,00price list € 730,00
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Ipanema chair outlet


Ipanema Chair

Ipanema chair is a proposal of great elegance and simplicity at the same time that speaks quietly of its own refinement.

price € 904,00 cad.price list € 1.392,00 cad.
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Mesh Candle holder outlet


Mesh Candle Holder

Mesh candel holders evoke some architectural facades that filter the surrounding environment without preventing the flow of air and light.

price € 649,00price list € 1.082,00
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Canasta service element outlet

B&B Italia

Canasta Service Elements

Canasta for me is the image of a pattern. Who does not want to imitate Nature. Even if a crystallized Nature returns in the decorations of the accessories.

price € 1350,00 tot.price list € 2700,00 tot.
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Atollo sofa outlet

Paola Lenti

Atollo Sofa

In the sofas of the Atollo collection, the traditional construction technique is combined with the most innovative materials.

price € 8.180,00price list € 13.634,00
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Incipit storage unit outlet


Incipit Storage Unit

Storage unit / bookcase that can take on different functions within the various areas of the house: from the living area to the sleeping area, to the office.

price € 1.943,00price list € 2.989,00
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Smart wardrobe outlet

la falegnami

Smart Wardrobe

Attention to detail, evolved, functional, technological and sophisticated: the happy combination for the best production of wardrobes.

price € 3.551,00price list € 5.073,00
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Kate kitchen outlet

Zecchinon Cucine

Kate Kitchen

Kate has been designed to make it easier to grip the door: the opening without handle allows for maximum aesthetic cleanliness and practicality.

price € 9.287,00price list € 16.886,00
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Loft kitchen outlet


Loft Kitchen

Loft symbolizes one of the most recent “urban” trends, characterized by compact and resistant furniture in wood laminate.

price € 7.400,00price list € 18.500,00
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Box 18 wall system outlet


Box 18 Wall System

Box 18 is a flexible and modern system of container elements, designed to organize and furnish the living area thanks to its exclusive versatility.

price € 4.774,00price list € 6.820,00
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Domino coffee table outlet


Domino Coffee Table

Domino is a collection of linear table tops that make up a galaxy of satellites at the service of the conversation area and the bedroom.

price € 275,00price list € 686,00
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Upside table outlet


Upside Table

The Upside table by Gallotti & Radice has a modern and fresh design and brings with it its winning weapon: the crystal, able to give light to an entire environment.

price € 1.612,00price list € 2.480,00
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Albini desk outlet


Albini Desk

The Albini desk, designed by the homonymous designer in the 1950s, still today has an essential, modern, captivating and elegant shape.

price € 3.357,00price list € 4.795,00
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C-System wall system outlet


C-System Wall System

C-System is a system of modular containers that develops horizontally and remains suspended through the fixing to the wall.

price € 3.180,00price list € 6.360,00
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Moon Pouff outlet


Moon Pouf

The Moon collection is characterized by a round shape and particular asymmetrical seams.

price € 860,00price list € 1.720,00
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Iko armchair outlet


Iko Armchair

Elegance and harmony characterize this armchair that can be easily inserted in both classic and contemporary environments.

price € 1.900,00price list € 3.825,00
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Olivier armchair outlet


Olivier Armchair

Olivier is an armchair with steel structure, feet in matt burnished aluminum, padding in hot polyurethane.

price € 839,00price list € 1.679,00
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Icon kitchen outlet


Icon Kitchen

The Icon kitchen is conceived as a space with a minimalist design but of great charm, characterized by expressive rigor and emotional strength.

price € 31.150,00price list € 62.300,00
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Memo table outlet


Memo Table

This table, designed in 2015, was created and designed to furnish a large dining area or a refined meeting room.

price € 3.278,00price list € 5.044,00
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Phoenix kitchen outlet


Phoenix Kitchen

Phoenix was born from a design intuition of Poliform, a kitchen characterized by the particular design of the groove opening, customized everytime.

price € 25.750,00price list € 51.500,00
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