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Lever coffee table outlet

Lever Coffee Tables design Francesco Rota

price list € 2.404,00 + 2.782,00
price € 1.080,00 + 1.250,00

Practical and compact, Lever is a coffee table that adapts to any style thanks to its harmonious lines. The particular shape makes it suitable for any situation. The coffee table can also be used in outdoor environments, where a natural oxidation of the base material is possible and a consequent moderate variation of the shade. Product available with an outlet price. Structure in stainless steel rod, top in stainless steel. Delivery and assembly excluded. Products can also be sold individually.

Coffee table small: 63 x 63 x H 35 cm
Pricelist € 2.404,00

Discounted € 1.080,00

Coffee table big: 81 x 81 x H 30 cm
Pricelist € 2.782,00

Discounted € 1.250,00

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