For architects mobilnovo.lab services

An exclusive selection of services that aim to support designers, expand their creative proposal, streamline the design process and make design culture

emotion and sensory perception of materials

Touch, see, understand

Traditional raw materials reinterpreted by designers. New materials developed by innovative companies. And more color palette and finishes. The world of material design is constantly fermenting and mobilnovo.lab offers the unique opportunity to keep up to date, a fundamental step to realize the multidimensionality linked to the expressiveness of the material and the creative possibilities of their combinations.

imagine new possibilities

Research and inspiration

Inspiration is the drive towards a creative act, an energy that gives us motivation to act creatively. mobilnovo.lab aims precisely to be a space where the presence of materials and solutions, knowledge and contact are stimulus, pleasure and liberation of inventive and fantasy energies.

Brands showcase

Discovere design oriented brand selected by mobilnovo.lab, their stories and their proposals.  

meeting rooms

Immerse yourself in the project

The meeting rooms of mobilnovo.lab are flexible and comfortable working areas in an informal environment, available to professionals to meet up with customers and suppliers. Surrounded by a design environment, and with the mobilnovo team that can give you all the necessary information, your business meetings will be as pleasant as they are productive.

work, compare, choose

Co-working design

mobilnovo.lab is not just an exhibition space, a gallery where you can see things. It is also a space of doing, where you can meet up with people, compare and, finally, choose. It is in this spirit that we have set up three rooms where you can actively work, all equipped with internet connection and monitors on which you can share your computer display.

Meet companies, discover materials


mobilnovo.lab, in collaboration with the selected brands, offers a series of monthly meetings during which it offers the opportunity to better discover the new materials proposed, their applications and alternatives. A unique opportunity for professionals updating and networking.