Services for the clients

Facilitate the overall view with the customer, enable him to "see" what will be the final result and to choose consciously according to their tastes

discover materials, understand them, choose them

See before the space

To the clients we offer the opportunity to get an idea of the materials and alternatives even before consulting an architect, leaving your mind wandering in the universe of possibilities and "feeling" almost physically which are the materials that best suit your sensibility, being inspired by the moodboards composed by the mobilnovo team, always there to provide advice and solutions.

Your space with 360° solutions

From paint to furniture

At mobilnovo.lab spaces you can get an idea of the materials you can use to create the building envelope but also of how they will combine with the chosen furniture, that you can see in the showroom close to the space, with samples in our hand, accompanied by the architects and interior designers of our team.

Brands showcase

Discover the design oriented brands selected by mobilnovo.lab, their stories, their proposals.