Kartell Corner Fantastic plastic

Chairs, accessories, tables and lights made with the material that bring them together, the splendid, very shiny plastic by Kartell

Generic C chair offer

Generic C Chair

Generic C is a chair conceived for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues with essential backrest and armrests but with a functional design.

price € 110price list € 147
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Lou Lou Ghost chair offer

Lou Lou Ghost Chair

The Lou Lou Ghost chair is the "baby" version of the very famous Louis Ghost from which it takes the material, classical shapes and ergonomics.

price € 67price list € 95
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Louis Ghost chair offer

Louis Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost chair, one of Kartell's most famous products, is the bravest example in the world of injecting polycarbonate into a single mold.

price € 212price list € 283
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Masters chair offer

Masters Chair

The Masters chair is a tribute to three iconic chairs: the Series 7, the Tulip Armchair and the Eiffel Chair.

price € 143price list € 190
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Masters Stool offer

Masters Stool

Master Stool, stool version of the Masters Chair, maintains the same character given by the interweaving of the backrest.

price € 216price list € 308
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Thalya chair offer

Thalya Chair

The Thalya chair is characterized by rounded corners, legs with an empty structure and a particular processing of the seat and back surface.

price € 148price list € 211
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Victoria Ghost chair offer

Victoria Ghost Chair

Victoria Ghost is a chair born from classic lines, the seat is linear while the rounded back recalls the shape of the ancient medallions.

price € 171price list € 228
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Bubble Club armchair offer

Bubble Club Armchair

Thanks to the use of rotational molding technology, it was possible for Kartell to mass-produce the Bubble Club industrial sofa.

price € 358price list € 511
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Jolly table offer

Jolly Table

A completely transparent coffee table with reduced and perfect dimensions.

price € 88price list € 125
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Francois Ghost mirror offer

Francois Ghost Mirror

A series of rectangular wall mirrors available in two dimensions, reminiscent of cut crystal frames.

price € 214price list € 306
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Attila complement offer

Attila Complement

Attila is a decorative complement that can be used as a small stool or as a coffee table.

price € 177price list € 253
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Bookworm library offer

Bookworm Library

Creativity and technology give life to one of the most revolutionary projects in the field of bookcase production: Bookworm, the flexible bookcase.

price € 223price list € 319
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Componibili storage offer

Componibili Storage

The Componibili complements were created and designed to meet different needs and to make them adaptable to any room in the house.

price € 63price list € 84
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Optic storage offer

Optic Storage

Optic is a cube box available in two versions, open on one side or closed with a little door.

price € 149price list € 213
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Stone Stool offer

Stone Stool

The Stone is a low stool characterized by an essential and symmetrical shape that looks like an hourglass.

price € 128price list € 182
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Upper ladder offer

Upper Ladder

The Upper is a ladder with a strong personality and great functionality.

price € 154price list € 279
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Bourgie lamp offer

Bourgie Lamp

The Bourgie is a lamp that combines classicism, tradition, richness and technological innovation.

price € 217price list € 289
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Fly lamp offer

Fly Lamp

FL/Y is a lamp with a simple and essential design.

price € 141price list € 201
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Taj lamp offer

Taj Lamp

Taj is a wonderful lamp but is also a three-dimensional sign, a light sculpture,

price € 254price list € 363
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Take lamp offer

Take Lamp

The Take fully represents the classic icon of the bedside table lamp.

price € 65price list € 93
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