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Best offer Componibili Storage

starting from € 64

The Componibili complements were created and designed to meet different needs and to make them adaptable to any room in the house. The system is composed of the vertical overlapping of individual pieces which, through a simple joint, make up practical storage units. The Componibili, proposed in round and square shape, can also rest on wheels. The greatest qualities of this element are flexibility, practicality and functionality. For this reason, from 1967 to today they remain a timeless classic in the world of furniture. Discover our best offer.

4966/15 Blue (2 doors)stock 1pcs.price € 65price list € 86
4966/18 Green (2 doors)stock 3pcs.price € 64price list € 86
4966/03 White (2 doors)stock 5pcs.price € 65price list € 86
4966/20 Purple (2 doors)stock 3pcs.price € 64price list € 86
4967/10 Red (3 doors)stock 2pcs.price € 90price list € 121
4967/15 Blue (3 doors)stock 6pcs.price € 90price list € 121
4967/03 White (3 doors)stock 1pcs.price € 90price list € 121
4967/18 Green (3 doors)stock 0pcs.price € 90price list € 121
4967/20 Purple (3 doors)stock 4pcs.price € 90price list € 121

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