Over 7,000 meters of exhibition to immerse yourself in and 50 interior designers to guide you


Shapes and colors, material and technique ... contemporary design is a true form of art. In the mobilnovo spaces you will be guided to discover this world, through scenarios that suggest, show and inspire spaces of life.


The research of harmony

from inspiration to creation

Inspiration can be found in everything - a landscape, a photograph, a magazine, a dress ... In interior design, inspiration tells us what is the feeling we would like to experience when we enter a room or our home. But the creative suggestion, to materialize, requires an in-depth knowledge of the available options.

With mobilnovo you will meet inspiration and - in a journey through materials, colors, shapes, design - you will visualize both your initial creative idea and every detail. And mobilnovo will realize your idea, while maintaining the aesthetic and functional balance of the final result.


inspirational spaces designed to let you discover the magic of design, decor and furniture


Interior designers

With a specific vocation to listen

The interior designers who work in mobilnovo showrooms are highly specialized and are able to guide customers through the precise knowledge of catalogs and products.

The ability of mobilnovo designers to work some on formal innovation, some on the choice of new materials and some on the research for new solutions, is based on a common feature: the ability to listen. Moving between the possible proposals and the constraints to be respected, the main purpose is always to give to customer solutions that satisfy them over time.

Mobilnovo feels the full responsibility of giving 'shape' to what will be the customer's living space, the quality of daily life of those who ask informations to its consultants.

For this reason - in addition to its deep passion for interior design - mobilnovo always strives to the utmost not only to understand and please but also to overcome the expectations of its customers.

Brands showcase

the brands that are inspiring us right now