A unique and personalized shopping experience, supported by our interior designers.


Entering into mobilnovo shoowrooms means entering in the world of interior design and immersing yourself in formal research, design and elegance until you find the perfect style for yourself.


Trust with confidence

and rely on those who have experience, passion, ability

A renovation, which affects the whole house or just some rooms, can be a demanding operation, during which it is necessary to evaluate and coordinate a significant number of variables, suppliers, collaborators.

Whether you try to deal with it personally or if you are supported by an architect, it remains important, in order to enjoy only the positive aspects, to be able to rely on a structure capable not only of making proposals but also of implementing them.

Visits to the company

Journey to the heart of design

Thanks to the privileged relationships built and consolidated over time with the most important brands, mobilnovo can open its doors to its customers in corporate showrooms or directly in the headquarters of the best design companies.

With personalized visits, customers will be able to enjoy an important emotional element, to see every furniture and finish live and be guided to make a conscious choice through a real tour in the world of design.