Warehouse for architects and interior designers

the elegance of our offer is based on a solid organizational and logistical structure

magazzino mobilnovo
magazzino mobilnovo
To manage the logistical aspects

Wide spaces

The warehouse is the logistical heart that allows us to implement our corporate mission: bring style and elegance to the world and to the houses of our customers.
The large surface allows two fundamental operations: the first is to keep ready-to-ship availability, to limit waiting times for a selection of products; the second easily accommodates all the products of a set-up, even large ones, from different suppliers.


Worldwide delivery

Bringing style to the world

We organize shipments all over the world, managing and solving any delivery and customs problems. The warehouse, thanks to its large surface, allows us to collect all the packages before shipping. This way the number of shipments is reduced, the times are shortened, and the control over them is increased.

The travel management of technicians and specialized fitters can also be planned and coordinated with the logistics of the warehouse, further optimizing the set-up phase.

magazzino mobilnovo

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