Kartell Corner Jolly table best offer

Definitely unmistakable colors, materials and designs: these are the Kartell tables and coffee tables, offered at a bargain price.

Best offer Jolly Table

starting from € promo on request

A completely transparent coffee table with reduced and perfect dimensions: 40x40x40 cm. Colorful, practical, safe and functional, Jolly is a versatile side table. Discover our best offer.

8850/Y1 Fumèstock 0pcs.price € promo on requestprice list € 160
8850/Y2 Pinkstock 0pcs.price € promo on requestprice list € 160
8850/Y3 Purplestock 4pcs.price € promo on requestprice list € 160
8850/Y4 Peacock Greenstock 3pcs.price € promo on requestprice list € 160

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