Kartell Corner best offers for chairs

Chairs and stools have now become a real must of design, here in a selection proposed with an outlet price.

A.I. chair offer

A.I. Chair

A.I. is a chair designed by combining the creative flair of Philippe Starck with artificial intelligence.

price € promo on requestprice list € 235
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Papyrus chair offer

Papyrus chair

The Papyrus seat is inspired by an object of tradition, the wicker chair, revisited according to the Kartell style and transformed with innovative materials.

price € promo on requestprice list € 334
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Victoria Ghost chair offer

Victoria Ghost Chair

Victoria Ghost is a chair born from classic lines, the seat is linear while the rounded back recalls the shape of the ancient medallions.

price € promo on requestprice list € 257
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Masters Stool offer

Masters Stool

Master Stool, stool version of the Masters Chair, maintains the same character given by the interweaving of the backrest.

price € promo on requestprice list € 390
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Masters chair offer

Masters Chair

The Masters chair is a tribute to three iconic chairs: the Series 7, the Tulip Armchair and the Eiffel Chair.

price € promo on requestprice list € 242
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Generic C chair offer

Generic C Chair

Generic C is a chair conceived for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues with essential backrest and armrests but with a functional design.

price € promo on requestprice list € 186
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Louis Ghost chair offer

Louis Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost chair, one of Kartell's most famous products, is the bravest example in the world of injecting polycarbonate into a single mold.

price € promo on requestprice list € 340
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Lou Lou Ghost chair offer

Lou Lou Ghost Chair

The Lou Lou Ghost chair is the "baby" version of the very famous Louis Ghost from which it takes the material, classical shapes and ergonomics.

price € promo on requestprice list € 120
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