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Carpets that become stories

Amini was founded in 1962 and from the beginning it masterfully combines industrial vision and artisanal identity of the product, blending creativity, quality and Italian innovation to the ancient tradition of Afghan manufacturing. The strong artistic connotation of the brand is based on continuous collaboration with internationally renowned artists and designers, who can count, for the optimal performance of their works, on the specialized internal team and on the laboratory, all committed to achieving the right colors. This synergy is totally intended for the creation of carpets that are no longer a simple piece of furniture, but a real art object that gives personality to the space.

Amini Studio

the joy of owning something unique

Amini’s offering is incredibly wide. But, you know, the trend, and sometimes the real need, is to own something unique. The company has long structured its organization in order to be able to meet this type of demands in terms of materials, dimensions, colors and design. A service as reliable and flexible as professional and efficient that has allowed it to be a privileged interlocutor of important international brands of design, nautical and fashion, international groups of hotels for which it realizes, in hotels and apartment buildings around the world, ad hoc solutions, tailored to the last centimeter, suitable for any stylistic context.

To the private clients and - even more - to professionals Amini has made available a software dedicated to the customization of the carpets thanks to which you can view in real time the company’s designs with the desired colors - chosen from those available to the company - and save the resulting image.