mobilnovo is De Castelli official dealer

Metal thinking

Underlining the aesthetic value of metal, as well as functional, is the mission of this brand. De Castelli puts copper, brass, stainless steel at the center of a design experimentation that sees typically industrial processes adapted to artisanal thoughts. The result is collections of furniture, complements and panels completely new and original; unique products that overturn the equation that confines the coldness of the metal material to the edges of furniture projects to make it shine with its own light.

Designer surfaces

The modularity at the base of the compositions

De Castelli is also able to create precious metal surfaces, where the material is literally bent to follow a design idea, almost artistic, surface design. Forma, Yoko, Deerosion, Cipher... are just some of the evocative names of the many collections that exploit engravings, inlays, erosions, oxidations and enamels to compose a palette of wonderful color irregularities and to create unique and durable panelling, to which the passage of time adds only value and charm.

The applications are countless, varying in size and type. In addition to the artistic panelling, in fact, De Castelli also has a proposal of boiserie, an inlay panelling (Glow) and a fabric composed of copper fibers (Canvas). These last two, developed in collaboration with Paola Lenti, are absolutely unique solutions for architecture, whose color rendering gives a very special allure to every environment in which it is inserted.