Outlet canasta service elements - design Patricia Urquiola

Canasta service element outlet

Canasta Service Elements design Patricia Urquiola

price list € 2700,00 tot.
price € 1350,00 tot.

The designer of the Canasta collection describes this series of products in this way: "Canasta for me is the image of a pattern. Who does not want to imitate Nature. Even if a crystallized Nature returns in the decorations of the accessories. For the rest, I designed enveloping shapes that protect. And new ergonomics have been studied to satisfy all moments of a day outdoors ". Products available with an outlet price. They can be sold individually. Delivery and assembly excluded.

White service element: O65 x H 46 cm.
Original price: € 1200.00
Discounted price: € 600,00

Black service element: H 82 x H 41 cm.
Original price: € 1500.00

Discounted price: € 750.00

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