Design furniture and soft seats capable of giving a strong personality to any environment.As always, chosen from historical furniture brands.

Amalfi sofa outlet

Fox Italia

Amalfi Sofa

Three-seater sofa with structure in wood and light derivatives with elastic belt suspension and polyurethane foam padding.

price € 4.423,00 price list € 5.897,00
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Quid boiserie outlet


Quid Boiserie

Quid is a versatile modular system, which allows the configuration of furnishing solutions for various rooms of the house.

price € 2.380,00price list € 3.400,00
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Turner bookcase outlet

Poltrona Frau

Turner Bookcase

The Turner turning bookcase is inspired by the classic English center-room bookcases, intended for the "books of the heart" to always keep at hand.

price € 4.800,00price list € 7.808,00
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Atelier sideboard outlet


Atelier Sideboard

The Atelier storage collection is characterized by very thin doors with coplanar sliding openings, a hymn to modernity and aesthetic minimalism.

price € 4.625,00price list € 6.166,00
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Hera armchair outlet


Hera Armchair

The Hera armchair expresses the synthesis between ergonomics and elegance, designed for both domestic use and hospitality contexts.

price € 1.720,00price list € 2.300,00
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Helsinki 30 table outlet


Helsinki 30 Table

Formal rigor, technological research, impeccable execution; design finds an exemplary case in the Helsinki 30 collection.

price € 1.608,00price list € 2.145,00
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Eros armchair outlet


Eros Armchair

Eros is an enveloping armchair, with an organic egg shape, characterized by a refined combination of finishes and a skilful use of color.

price € 340,00 price list € 485,00
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P/wood chair outlet


P/Wood Chair

P/Wood is the chair of the Smart Wood collection which, thanks to its simple and rounded lines, fits into any environment.

price € 315,00 cad.price list € 420,00 cad.
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Pouf Smile outlet

Paola Lenti

Smile Pouf

In addition to being a seat or a support, the Smile pouf is also a container and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

price € 1.335,00price list € 2.225,00
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Flip coffee table outlet

Paola Lenti

Flip Coffee Table

Flip is a coffee table with a modern and functional design, the removable top can be used as a tray and the base can be used as a coffee table even without the wooden top.

price € 1.402,00price list € 2.336,00
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Ray rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ray Rug

Ray is a rug for indoors and outdoors, with plaits in Rope yarn, an exclusive Paola Lenti material, in solid color.

price € 567,00price list € 945,00
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Ida rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ida Rug

Ida is a modular rug for exteriors and interiors made from the union of strips 100 cm wide each, woven on a loom in Twiggy yarn.

price € 969,00price list € 1.615,00
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Ics stool outlet


Ics Stool

Ics is a stool with simple shapes, its soft and rounded lines are enhanced by the materials used.

price € 438,00price list € 730,00
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Ipanema chair outlet


Ipanema Chair

Ipanema chair is a proposal of great elegance and simplicity at the same time that speaks quietly of its own refinement.

price € 904,00 cad.price list € 1.392,00 cad.
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Atollo sofa outlet

Paola Lenti

Atollo Sofa

In the sofas of the Atollo collection, the traditional construction technique is combined with the most innovative materials.

price € 8.180,00price list € 13.634,00
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Incipit storage unit outlet


Incipit Storage Unit

Storage unit / bookcase that can take on different functions within the various areas of the house: from the living area to the sleeping area, to the office.

price € 1.943,00price list € 2.989,00
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Box 18 wall system outlet


Box 18 Wall System

Box 18 is a flexible and modern system of container elements, designed to organize and furnish the living area thanks to its exclusive versatility.

price € 4.774,00price list € 6.820,00
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Domino coffee table outlet


Domino Coffee Table

Domino is a collection of linear table tops that make up a galaxy of satellites at the service of the conversation area and the bedroom.

price € 275,00price list € 686,00
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Upside table outlet


Upside Table

The Upside table by Gallotti & Radice has a modern and fresh design and brings with it its winning weapon: the crystal, able to give light to an entire environment.

price € 1.612,00price list € 2.480,00
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Soft chair outlet


Soft Chair

The Soft chair is characterized by a refined design and is suitable to be inserted in more classic and elegant environments but also in the more contemporary ones.

price € 547,00 cad.price list € 842,00 cad.
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C-System wall system outlet


C-System Wall System

C-System is a system of modular containers that develops horizontally and remains suspended through the fixing to the wall.

price € 3.180,00price list € 6.360,00
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Moon Pouff outlet


Moon Pouf

The Moon collection is characterized by a round shape and particular asymmetrical seams.

price € 860,00price list € 1.720,00
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Iko armchair outlet


Iko Armchair

Elegance and harmony characterize this armchair that can be easily inserted in both classic and contemporary environments.

price € 1.900,00price list € 3.825,00
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