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Bargain prices for furnishing complements that make the environment unique, giving every space personality, elegance and style.

Dama carpet outlet


Dama Carpet

Dama carpet is a contemporary product made of bamboo silk, a material that gives the characteristic iridescent effect.

price € 2.500,00price list € 5.280,00
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Tic Tac watch outlet


Tic Tac Watch

The Tic Tac watch is a transparent square box with Roman numerals engraved on the surface of the dial.

price € 67,00 o 50,00price list € 135,00 o 101,00
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Cratis carpet outlet

B&B Italia

Cratis Carpet

Cratis rugs, entirely produced in 100% puta Mohair wool, are furnishing accessories that can be placed in any room of the house.

price € 5.760,00price list € 10.368,00
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Bags collection outlet

Paola Lenti

Bags Collection

This series of handbags are made by shaping and sawing a Rope cord in solid colours or in two-colours combination.

price € 155,00 + 119,00price list € 311,00 + 238,00
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Sakti coat hanger outlet


Sakti Coat Hanger

The Sakti coat hanger is composed of three elements with functional recesses that are expertly joined through fittings that allow the hooking of hangers.

price € 428,00price list € 705,00
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Ray rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ray Rug

Ray is a rug for indoors and outdoors, with plaits in Rope yarn, an exclusive Paola Lenti material, in solid color.

price € 535,00price list € 1.070,00
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Ida rug outlet

Paola Lenti

Ida Rug

Ida is a modular rug for exteriors and interiors made from the union of strips 100 cm wide each, woven on a loom in Twiggy yarn.

price € 1.000,00price list € 2.333,00
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