Life change

rethinking spaces and furnishings

A fluid lifestyle

A restyling that brings a radical change even in lifestyle: a fragmented and not very functional apartment is transformed into a large and fluid space that, starting from the entrance, leads to the kitchen and dining room. The division between the rooms is achieved thanks to Rimadesio folding glass panels and fixed panels that reach the ceiling from the floor, while the tones are mainly neutral, with furnishing accessories that create splashes of color. The result is a bright and full of life living area.

The heart of the house

The kitchen is connected to the dining area but, thanks to Rimadesio folding glass panels, the two spaces can be easily separated.

A black elm wall - like the table - contrasts with the light finish of the Modulnova Light model kitchen cabinets. The floors are light, in a nice contrast with the dark wood of the boiserie and with the structure that supports the glass panels. White brushed ash parquet for the living room, slatted stoneware with the same color effect in the kitchen, while a cheerful strip of hexagonal cement tiles (Bisazza) crosses the entrance, kitchen and living room, dividing the two floors, that never touch themselves.

Everything is chromatically harmonized: the pillar close to the entrance door has been covered in plasterboard, with a brushed bronze finish that echoes that of the partition system, while the red metal shelves and knick-knacks greet those who enter with a touch of design.

Private areas

light colors with bright spots

A "traditional" corridor leads to the bedrooms  and bathrooms, that are more compact areas but still comfortable. The neutral tones of the walls, furniture and fabrics - white, beige, gray and wood - which make the rooms more spacious, are lightened by colorful design pieces, such as lamps, armchairs and coat hangers.

The kids bedrooms are furnished by Nidi while the master bedroom has a large Nathalie bed by Flou flanked by a bedside table also by Flou.

The lamp is the Signal by Jieldè, chosen in a bright orange color that goes with the famous Vitra Hang it All clothes stand.



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