Camaleonda is back

Camaleonda, designed by Mario Bellini in 1970, makes a strong comeback 50 years later thanks to B&B Italia that decides to recall it by putting it back into production.This modular sofa with a contemporary taste is still a style icon today.Its presence is constant in the most famous international design museums and on multiple movie sets that have defined the collective imagination over the years.

The cooperation between B&B Italia and Mario Bellini

In the name of timeless design

Camaleonda, loved by enthusiasts, antique dealers and interior designers, come back in the production again in 2020, after a careful design work that has seen the CR&S of B&B Italia and Mario Bellini work closely together. Its aesthetics, its dimensions, the proportions and the system of use have remained unchanged but the interior has been completely redesigned.

Its structure is made up of layers made of recycled and recyclable materials, which are easily disassembled. Its most characteristic feature is the seat where the elements are shaped to be able to fit and interact with every layer, guaranteeing absolute comfort in any case.

This product confirms the balance between rigorous geometry and the roundness of the padding which further emphasize the elasticity and ergonomics that characterize many of Mario Bellini's works. Camaleonda can be upholstered by the entire range of B&B Italia fabrics and leathers, allowing the user complete customization not in size but also in colors and finishes.

Pure compositional freedom

A seating system that is synonymous of freedom, freedom that is given by the possibility of hooking and unhooking seats, backrests and armrests, making it possible to change your mind as many times as you want, moving and redesigning the space of your home according to the taste of the moment.

Where does this identifying name come from?

As Bellini himself says: "Camaleonda is a neologism that I invented in 1970 by crossing two words: the name of that extraordinary animal that is the chameleon capable of adapting to the environment and the word wave that indicates the curves of the sea and desert. Both of these words describe the form and function of this seat ".