Hausmann & Co. | LOFT

a modern space that looks to the past

A new concept of time

For five generations, Hausmann & Co. has been working with the knowledge that its illustrious past is the best way to face the future. Hausmann & Co. has been a guarantee of excellence in the world of watchmaking and jewellery since 1794. In the historic center of Rome, Hausmann & Co. creates LOFT, a place that enhances the world of high jewelry representing an authentic bridge between past and future. LOFT is a real contemporary living room, where fine jewelry and watchmaking meet the tastes of new consumers winking at centuries of history. 

Atelier of time

Elegance, formality, quality... not only of the products sold in the boutique but also of the furnishings. LOFT is a place that conveys a classic character characterized by a contemporary personality.

The most prestigious brands of luxury watchmaking are joined by Poltrona Frau which, with its furniture and its characteristic orange leather, offers emotions through a design that impresses with its history, quality, finishes and aesthetic sensitivity. 

The panelling covered in fabric has been associated with parts covered in Pelle Frau leather in the typical India colour. Pelle Frau has also been used to cover architectural elements, counters, display windows and doors/portals. All these elements have been customized with the Hausmann & Co. logo in order to give a touch of extra character. 

On the first floor there is a small lounge area furnished with two Nivola armchairs, a Nivola sofa and an Isidoro bar. In the same room there is a directional area with Trust Iconic desk, a Downtown Executive armchair and two Downtown Visitor guest armchairs. Various Leplì poufs were selected for the operating areas. The wallpaper, completely customized using watch designs made by Hausmann & Co. during the 1800s, is produced by Wall&Decò.



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