Gallotti & Radice presents the new 2021 catalog

Gallotti & Radice presents the new 2021 catalog

A sensory journey through the brand's new collections.A universe full of solutions with a strong aesthetic impact.

Homescapes philosophy

Embracing Inspirations & Vision

This company has established a strong connection with the world of design since the dawn of its business activity. The Gallotti&Radice universe is full of versatile solutions characterized by a strong aesthetic impact. For this brand the home is in fact a theater of memories and daily gestures and we are the set designers of our home oasis, a place that is now more reassuring than ever.

The new Gallotti & Radice collections are presented this year in a charming historic villa on the shores of Lake Como where the refined handcrafted finishes interact with the period decorations that contrast with a modern and minimal style architecture. Everything is embellished by the elegant presence of the furnishings in all rooms of the house. Lose yourself in this timeless journey into beauty that reveals the values of the brand, a refined interpreter of new housing models.