Everyday Life

The Paul Smith + De Padova EVERYDAY LIFE collection represents the meeting point between the refined understatement of the renowned Made in Italy design brand and the colourful approach of the British fashion designer, renowned for his creativity that goes beyond the boundaries of fashion. “You can find inspiration in everything” is in fact the mantra of Paul Smith, who has always seen design as a hotbed of ideas and a field in which he has made occasional forays.

Everyday Life Collection

designed by Boffi|De Padova + Paul Smith

Clean lines, sophisticated comfort and a rigorous attention to detail are the leitmotifs of the design proposal for EVERYDAY LIFE that is organized around upholstered furniture – the first element of conjunction between the language of fashion and that of design – and which expands to include accessory pieces such as coffee tables, benches, blanket and trays. Details are entrusted here with the task of creating narrative connections and paying homage to the value of craftsmanship. These playful but discreet touches do not contradict the clean elegance of the whole, while adding an unexpected element to timeless design.

Combining expertise and research, the project focuses on strategies for creating a sustainable future by opting for materials of natural origin, such as hemp, kapok and recycled feathers as well as a responsible approach to production. While the concept looks to infuse furnishings with a design-as-lifestyle experience, EVERYDAY LIFE designed by Paul Smith once again reflects the approach of BoffiIDePadova to bring different worlds into the same dimension, weaving together collaborations that look to evolve the contemporary vision of living.