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A matter to be shaped

The relationship between man and environment is at the heart of Mosaico Micro, an eco-sustainable project that anticipates aesthetics and promotes new formal languages through the use of glass recovered from disused cathodic tube monitors. The adhesion to this project of important names such as Piero Lissoni and Rodolfo Dordoni is a great result of Made in Italy design that proves capable of integrating environmental respect in the creative process.

The sustainable mosaic

The new life of glass

Crushed, ground, pigmented and mixed with water, the glass of the CRT monitors is a material to be shaped in a sustainable project, 100% Made in Sicily. The result is a mosaic obtained by casting and not by pressing, through a process that emphasizes the surface structure and the color of the tiles.

The materiality is enhanced by the light, obtaining products that are always different, unique and inimitable, the quality of each card is guaranteed by the expert hands of a highly specialized team. This is how artisanal and eco-sustainable surfaces are born, which design the new frontier of furnishing, through design products that give new life to the matter.