Mobilnovo Now presents Edra's collections

Superlative comfort, universal elegance and passion for design, Edra creates exclusive and timeless products.

Tradition and technological research

The greatest comfort, elegance and performance

The distinctive values of this company are the commitment to technological research and constant attention to the project. Today, Edra products define extraordinary spaces and landscapes. Behind every piece of furniture there is a story, universally valid messages that unite people. This is how the concept of sofa is born, which can adapt to the environment by taking different shapes and positions according to different needs. You can find some of the most iconic Edra solutions at our Mobilnovo Now showroom: the On The Rocks and Standard sofas, the Chiara and Getsuen armchairs, the recognizable Cicladi coffee tables and the precious Scrigno sideboard. Come and visit our showroom to experience the incredible quality and comfort of Edra products.