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Custom craftsmanship

Technological innovation, attractive design and experimentation are the key elements of the philosophy of a brand that stands as a reference partner in the creation of wooden floors and walls, for interiors and outdoors, created with attention to sustainability. From production, to laying, to maintenance, the company offers a highly specialized team and a constant support.

A technical partner

from project consultancy to after-sales assistance

Ravaioli Legnami is a complete company, with an incredible internal know-how and a wide and reliable range of proposals. The type of interventions that it is able to carry out are at the border between the interior design and the building, a feature that let the company to be alble to talk to engineers, designers, architects and interior designers with the same linearity and competence that is typical of those who really know a subject.

The areas of intervention are many, as well as the materials that the company offers: exotic woods and ceramics for decking with high technical performance (garapa, massaranduba, itauba, ipè, tatajuba are alongside the classic teak); for cladding and ceiling it offers wooden options (Abodo, Thermo Treated Pine, Thermo Treated Ash, Okoumè, Fir and Western red Cedar) that are alongside those made of WPC (Wood Polymer Composite). WPC is an innovative material that blends bamboo fibers and high quality plastic resins to achieve great technical performance without sacrificing the warmth of nature and the beauty of wood. 

The company also offers an innovative and patented range of profiles and installation systems for wall coverings (Grad, Quick sun) and decking (Grad, Remo clip, Chevron).

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