mobilnovo is Pietra Pece official dealer

The value of matter

Pietra Pece works in the only existing quarry in Ragusa, Tabuna Descat, from which it extracts a calcarenite that stands out for its precious chromatic variations - from gray to dark brown - and in which the presence of fossils and veins unequivocally distinguish it.

A contemporary tradition

Made in Sicily innovation

A sustainable project that focuses on the use of white stone and dark stone of the Iblei Mountains, always used for every form of artistic expression. The brand’s mission is the transformation of a classic material into a contemporary surface, through the perfect combination of craftsmanship and industrial production processes, in full respect of environmental sustainability.

Collaboration with internationally renowned designers plays a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of products. Leading figures in the world of design have contributed to defining lines and shapes that blend harmoniously into modernity, creating functional works that enhance the beauty of local stone. This synergy between traditional craftsmanship, advanced production technology and the vision of designers has led to the creation of contemporary surfaces that combine past and present in a unique fascinating visual and aesthetic dialogue.