mobilnovo is Mutina official dealer

Wallpapers in the foreground

The Mutina project was born in 2016 as a design challenge for many designers who - collaborating with the company - push the boundaries with art collections of tiles, bricks, wall painting and parquet. Elaborate, never banal, the lines are always recognizable and an integral part of a constructive dialogue on contemporary challenges, first of all integration with nature and sustainability. Mutina proposes walls and floors that become real protagonists of the rooms and dialogue at the same level with the furniture and textiles, passing from banal background to the founding and characterizing element of the environments.

A comprehensive proposal

The great creativity and knowledge of Mutina’s materials is not only expressed in the field of tiles: the company also offers a wide range of wall paintings; three-dimensional elements such as decorative bricks and limited editions in ceramic; parquet with surface finishes and metal finishes and - finally - a collection of home accessories, a system of basic elements characterized, like all the company’s products, by a refined simplicity.

two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality

wall made with Hives bricks, designed by Konstantin Grcic for Mutina, as well as floor tiles.