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From matter to surface

Arousing emotions through the material, giving identity to spaces and telling new philosophies of living are the watchwords of this brand that - since 1982 - stands as a reference point in the creation of wall coverings in continuous solution for indoor and outdoor public and private spaces.Creativity, research, experimentation and craftsmanship create a unique range of products that stand out for their performance, versatility and aesthetics: innovative coatings for vertical and horizontal surfaces with low environmental impact.

Texture, colour... design

matter that furnishes

Great attention and resources are spent by the research and development department of HD Surface that is applied with continuity to the research and experimentation of chromatic, tactile and material solutions that meet all needs and emerging. 

The fil rouge that binds these solutions is sustainability, a fundamental design constraint that has given rise to a range of material surfaces, different from each other for aesthetics and performance, but all characterized by a pure and environmentally friendly recipe based on water, lands and pigments. The result is a rich range of new products that give identity to the space through a design of the highest level.

And when research meets customization we talk about true design. This is why big design-oriented companies have relied on HD surface to find new solutions. Some examples? MDF Italia asked to dress the Tense table in new and unexpected finishes. Flou asked to customize the Meda showroom; Desalto wanted to develop ad hoc coverings for the award-winning Clay table designed by Marc Krusin.