mobilnovo is Gypsum official dealer

Shaping matter

Completely artisanal reality in continuous evolution, which balances masterfully tradition and contemporaneity, keeping the eye on the protection of the environment, Gypsum was born in the 70s and is established on the market as a manufacturer and consulting partner for companies and designers in the field of products for architecture and design made of gypsum, polystyrene melamine and high-performance concrete.

High performance

The perfect combination of quality and sustainability

The company team, highly specialized, creates a versatile brand, dedicated both to the construction of unique pieces to measure and the creation of tile collections for indoor and outdoor environments. The entire production - which takes place in Italy with the utmost respect for the environment and with extreme attention to detail - guarantees the high quality standards of Made in Italy products so much so as to bring the company to collaborate with the greatest realities of Italian design - Flos, Agape, Menacciolo - and architecture - Zaha Hadid, Studio Asti architects.

The commitment to quality and collaboration with industry excellences are the key to the success of a company that continues to mark the step in the panorama of contemporary design and architecture. With a constant dedication to perfection and a deep focus on ecology, the brand stands out for its ability to combine aesthetics, functionality and sustainability in every creation.