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Transparent technology

Building on its centuries-old experience in the glass industry and a great passion for glass, the Brianza brand born in 1972 is one of the most authoritative in the industry. Refinement, originality and extraordinary quality are the distinctive features of the offer signed Glas Italia, born from the collaboration with internationally renowned designers and that finds equally application in the home, office and contract sector.


Create bright and soundproof spaces
glas italia

The doors systems and partition walls proposed by Glas Italia integrate the architecture of domestic or public spaces creating permanent or temporary separations that - while ensuring sound and thermal insulation - do not cluster the spaces and leave the eyes free to space on the entire surface. They are therefore perfect solutions for small spaces - to which they ensure an otherwise impossible to obtain airiness - as well as for large surfaces that want to maintain visual continuity and simultaneously create environments dedicated to specific functions. 

That’s why start to come to life solutions that transform public and domestic spaces into living works of art, where light dance creating games of reflections and transparencies that capture the attention of anyone who looks at you. With a perfect fusion of design and functionality, Glas Italia transforms every space into a place where every detail is an expression of refinement and commitment to environmental sustainability.