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The versatility of marble and natural stone

Deep knowledge of materials and processing techniques are the hallmarks of Alimonti Milano, a leading company in marble and granite coverings production, which puts the customer in the middle, offering a personalized and customized service. Their marble and stone floors production, never standardized, is entirely managed by a highly specialized team, high-tech machinery and the know-how of skilled craftsmen employed in the company.

Impossible arabesqa

the indissoluble bond between stone and art

The research and development sector is very essential for Alimonti Milano, whose ambition has always been to surprise proposing new materials and processes as well as specially designed textures.

This tension towards the exceptional led the company propose IMPOSSIBLE ARABESQA, a collection of materials with exclusive visual and tactile sensations resulting from the advanced technologies and the incredible technical skills of the company’s artisans; on the other hand propose to find an artistic application for production waste, to give it new life to give this beautiful stone the life it deserves for its timeless beauty. Out of the loop is the name that the company has given to this new synergy between marble and design.