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Xi Table Lamp design Neri&Hu

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Xi in Chinese means "dawn light", but also "praise of wisdom". When the Xi lamps light up, their soft and full light evokes the early morning sunlight. The project aims to communicate a culture of light based on the awareness that the beginning of every day is like the beginning of life, permeated with positivity and a sense of rebirth. All Xi lamps are unique pieces obtained by blowing by the master glassmakers of Venice with the use of colored glass paste. Dimensions: 20 x 18 x H 42 cm. Product available for quick delivery. Transport and assembly excluded.


  • 2 Xi lamps, sapphire crystal and pearl, camel band
  • 2 Xi lamps, sapphire crystal and pearl, powder band
  • 2 Xi lamps, moonstone and pearl glass, toupe band
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