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Concorde table and Sophie chair set outlet

Concorde Table + Sophie Chairs Set design Poliform

price list € 10.477,00
price € 7.333,00

Elegance, sobriety and simplicity are the hallmarks of the Concorde table. Thanks to its lines the essential shapes of the wood are enhanced. Soft shapes and quality materials make Concorde a rare table for its time. Gray Stardust marble top, structure and legs in rovere spessart. Dimensions: 220 x 108 x H 74 cm.

Thanks to its enveloping proportions and generous dimensions, the Sophie chair offers exceptional comfort. The design is contemporary but at the same time classic and formal. This chair stands out thanks to the contrasts between the materials used. Spessart oak structure and legs, green olive Paros fabric. Dimensions: 63 x 60 x H 78 cm.

The set, consisting of the Concorde table and Sophie chairs, is available with an outlet price. The products cannot be sold individually but only as a set. Delivery and assembly excluded.

PN: 2nd picture in the gallery represents the real composition.

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