Kartell Corner Take lamp best offer

Lighting is definitely one of Kartell's strengths, with its lamps with very particular shapes, here with an outlet price.

Best offer Take Lamp

starting from € 67

The Take fully represents the classic icon of the bedside table lamp which, thanks to the technologies used by Kartell, has been revisited and transformed into an industrial product available in different and various chromatic shades. The shape of this lamp comes from the conjunction of two specular parts: two rectangular slabs positioned in the center that give volume. The internal plissè of the diffuser decorate it and, once turned on, creates an extraordinary play of reflections. Discover our best offer.

9050/B4 Crystalstock 2pcs.price € 67price list € 96
9050/Q8 Glossy Blackstock 5pcs.price € 67price list € 96
9050/Q7 Glossy Whitestock 2pcs.price € 67price list € 96
9050/AM Amberstock 2pcs.price € 67price list € 96
9050/RO Pinkstock 3pcs.price € 67price list € 96
9050/OL Olive Greenstock 4pcs.price € 67price list € 96

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